About us

Kavitha has a Ph.D. from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,India and has worked on various facets of science in labs across the globe. She is currently working as a principal Investigator at Anna University, India and mentors several Ph.D. students. As a mother of two curious young boys and being a researcher herself, Kavitha realizes the importance of critical and logical thinking not only in research but also in daily life. She aspires to pass these important skills,not only to her young sons, but also many other young minds like them. She brings her in-depth knowledge, motivation and a strong purpose that empowering students at elementary school level with the reasoning capabilities is a definitive path to success.

Some of the testimonials from the attendees of NaTech4kids program:


Anu has a Ph.D. in Genetics from University of Cambridge, UK. She has been teaching science since her graduate days. After conducting research for a decade and working at various biotechnology companies, she realized that knowledge is presented in silos which depletes the capability of a student to transfer knowledge and logical thinking from one area to another. This has been the strong motivating factor for her to create Natech4kids program which aims to teach students that the laws which govern the Nature can be learnt and used to bring creative success in technological world.

She brings her passion, motivation and excitement to the class with the aim of exposing students to the inspiration of Nature. She has been conducting this program for the last 2 years for elementary school children.